Who we are

This web platform is brought to you by EXACT NB. It is meant as a tool for the citizens of New Brunswick who are interested in today’s issues around linguistic questions in the province, in Canada and in the rest of the world.

EXACT NB is a network of volunteers of both linguistic groups. Its mandate is to follow the news at the provincial level, answering and correcting information when needed, and to supervise the content and operation of this platform.

The objective of the platform is twofold.

  • Provide good, impartial and objective information on current bilingualism and linguistic duality questions, so that each citizen can fully understand the issues and develop his or her point of view based on reliable data.
  • Fight fake news and disinformation circulating in the media and most especially on social media by giving users simple tools to detect fake news and reliable information to counter it. 

The EXACT NB Network and this platform are part of an initiative of the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick to bring together both linguistic communities and is funded by Heritage Canada.

The SANB exercises no influence on the activities of EXACT NB nor on the content or operations of this platform.