There is no government requirement that forces immigrants to New-Brunswick to be bilingual.

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There is a real disconnect between what the truth is about immigration and the misinformation being spread through hate and racist literature. Some of the material is wrongly creating a very dangerous and frightening situation for any newcomer to New Brunswick. Other information is meant to make New Brunswickers afraid for their jobs and the eventual takeover of government and laws by French speaking citizens. 

According to the Anglophone Rights Association of New-Brunswick blog post dated Jan 18, 2020, “more and more outsiders from Quebec and the Francophonie countries are coming in to fill this need for a bilingual work force”.   

Creating fear of immigrants is an ongoing effort that also targets the Acadian population with claims of a weakening of their own dialect when other French speaking people arrive. 

The reality is New Brunswick needs people to be moving to the province. A huge portion of the work force will be retiring in the near future. There is a need for people to fill these positions. There is a need for people to be establishing businesses to replace the small businesses that have been operating in rural communities across the province (farmers, store owners, cooks.) 

As for the language situation among immigrants, the 2016 census shows that a little more than 22% of them are bilingual, almost the same percentage as in the 2011 census. 

Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick (ARANB)
A Non-profit Association

Immigration in New Brunswick is increasing but is not tied to linguistic requirements.


March 04, 2020