How to spot a fake photo?

Fake News Technology

Today you can manipulate a photo to say anything! To try and determine whether or not a photo has been altered try these steps:

  1. In your browser go to Google Images;
  2. Copy the image you are wondering about;
  3. Back in Google Images, click on the camera icon, paste your photo in the search tab and hit “Search by Image”. In the search results, choose “Visually similar images”. You might discover that the photo you were looking out was photoshopped from a picture taken for a totally different topic.

You should also pay close attention to the photo and to some details that could indicate manipulation of the image:

  • Are the proportions and the perspective distorted?
  • Are some details identical?
  • Look for reflections and shadows? Do they correspond to the subjects?
  • Are some elements missing? (i.e.: if there is a fire, is there smoke?)