Our logo was created by Atelier 46 of Moncton. The logo is in the shape of the province to symbolize our living together. The bubbles of various sizes and colours evoke diversity, dialogue and links between people. The thumbs-up symbolize kindness and positive thinking and the various colours are positive and express diversity.

The slogan of the global initiative to bring together both linguistic communities is “Let’s Listen to Each Other, for a Change”. It is an affirmation of the need, not only to speak to each other, but also to listen in order to understand each other.

  • Thumbs Up

    A positive attitude

  • Shape of the province

    Togetherness and belonging

  • Speech Bubbles

    Dialogue, diversity and links between individuals

  • Font

    Formal, rounded in the spirit of the speech bubbles, the bold is used to show what is essential

Colour Palette

  • Blue : Confident

  • Green : Protective

  • Yellow : Luminous

  • Red/Orange : Positive

  • Pink : Dynamic

  • Grey : Credible