How it works

This platform was designed and functions according to the standards of the International Fact-Checking Network.

Its code of conduct is:

  • A commitment to impartiality: we commit to verify all facts in the same manner and to publish our conclusions in complete impartiality.
  • A commitment to transparency of sources: we commit to publish the source of all publications so as to allow readers to verify finding themselves.
  • A commitment to transparency of funding: we commit to reveal the sources of funding for this site and to ensure that funding never interferes with the principles of independence and impartiality of the information it contains.
  • A commitment to transparency of methodology: we commit to explain in clear terms how we choose our information as well as the process following to determine whether or not it is accurate,
  • A commitment to an honest correction policy: we commit to a clear policy for corrections on the site.

At the end of a fact-check article, you will find a final verdict. We currently have three possible verdicts:

  • True: The information in the article is correct and verified.
  • Misleading: The article contains incorrect facts, omissions or misleading exaggerations.
  • False: The article contains serious errors, omissions or inaccurate elements, making it mainly untrue and misleading.